Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winter noodles

Based on a pic I took of my classmates a few years ago while on a college trip in Tokyo. Still miss Japan and its good eats, omgg

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pokemon / Game of Thrones sigils: Targaryen

Oh buhh, I forgot to upload this anywhere besides Tumblr.
#5 of the Game of Thrones Pokes! Here’s Charizard as the dragon sigil of House Targaryen.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A glimpse of the comic project I'm penciling and inking on! I've been working on it for months but I can't really post more finished page work other than this right now :B

Colors by Lauren Affe~
Writer has also told me to not divulge too much info about it but uhh, this is a fairly effective plot summary

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pokemon / Game of Thrones sigils: Baratheon

#3! The Pokemon Sawsbuck (in fall form) as the sigil of House Baratheon from Game of Thrones. I know his flowery spring form is the typical one, but Baratheon’s all about fury. Flowers did not feel FURIOUS ENOUGH

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pokemon / Game of Thrones sigils: Lannister

Can I just say? Trying to imitate an art style that predated the concept of perspective is.. a trip

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pokemon / Game of Thrones sigils: Greyjoy

So, it's less than common for me to get my head out of my tv-animation hole and actually watch a show with real physical people. I should probably try harder, because upon seeing the first episode of Game of Thrones, I got pretty hooked (granted, haven't read the books, so I apologize for any possible bastardizations that might ensue here).

This, however, is totally predictable of me.

This idea has got to have been done in some shape or form already, but whatev, I wanted to give it a go! I threw together some Game of Thrones house sigil parodies with Pokemon. Here's House Greyjoy with a golden Tentacruel in place of the golden squid. I've done a batch of these sigils in my comic-work downtime, so I'll add the others gradually!

Texture credits for this guy and the rest to come go to ShadowHouse Creations and unido3s on DeviantArt. Thanks!

P.S. - And yeahh, Tentacruel is missing 2 tentacles. His claw-machine-like prong of stabbing terror took up too much room.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"if I was your boyfrieeeend"

Just something fun I made for my BF's birthday back in Jan. I made a big screen to print it onto a shirt, but we haven't figured out how to get that glow-in-the-dark blue to adhere to a shirt.. No problem on paper, tho.
He's kind of an aquarium/invertebrate nerd, hence the octo, holding some of his favorite things. Minecraft cube for gamez, plane for aerospace engineering, t-rex for dinosaur comics, takoyaki ball for dinner, and cupcake for dessert.

Graphic stuff like this isn't typical of me at all, but I wanna try some more!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kittykitties and other dudes

Yawning guy is Fuku, a cat strangeangrymicrobear belonging to Sakuracos on Instagram. Other cats were warm-ups for comic project werk

I should probably just make a post dedicated to the things that happen on Soho Cafe doily mats and various to-go boxes. That's like, 3 loaded posts, easy. One just for suspicious charmanders.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Omg I did a thing and stuff moved on it

Ohmygod blog, I have got to stay on you.

For the past 3 months, I've been working on a comic project with some fine peeps that we're pitching soon, so there will be sneakpeaks of THAT. It has cats, internet. ..Kind of your wheelhouse.

I was also helping out with layout biz for a senior animated film, which premiered at the SCAD Senior Showcase this past Thursday night. The film turned out glorious and I will divulge specific info about it! ..Once I am positive that that's even okay. Yes.

Most of the layouts traded artists before completion to ensure everything was congruous together, so this guy was handed off and cleaned up before it appeared in the film.

And the moral of this story is-
I learned that digital layout painting is.. not.. my destiny. But I DID IT DAMN YOU
Those trees and rocks on the right are.. slop. But it is my slop.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crafty McCraftyson

I learned the hard way that my finely-lined owl friend was probably not the best candidate for screenprinting, not to mention for my first ever ATTEMPT at screenprinting, but it turned out alright. I did this for a couple christmas presents, so it seemed as good an excuse as any to experiment..

The finest lines in the wing and smoke plumes got consumed in emulsion, but I was pretty pleased that the face came through solid.

Naturally, my excitement to screenprint on wood consumed any relevant wisdom I had on materials and techniques, so I absolutely forgot to prime or seal the bastard. Sooo WE'LL SEE. question mark.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Back after hiatus time~

This was my entry to Threadless' Loves Drawing contest, which ended about 3 weeks ago. This is my first submission to Threadless, so I'm still mega eagerly awaiting the contest results. 

Being up for voting on Threadless for the first time was like the feeling an internet-wary 12 year old must get when he takes hold the mouse for the first grand time and takes part in his first l33t-tastic power level argument in a Dragonball Z forum. Basically, I felt FEVERISH WITH POWER, and I am not even going to stop to think twice about how retarded that is. Fever is FEVER.

First off is the design, then next is it's t-shirt placement, and then last are a couple other t-shirt color options for different overall palates. (I probably should've gone with the Charcoal as my primary look..)

Also, feel free to check out Threadless *here* for the design and my statement on how I felt it related to the contest theme.

With some luck, I'll be able to keep the ball rolling and update every week or two with some new stuff, for at least the next few weeks. PEACE