Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crafty McCraftyson

I learned the hard way that my finely-lined owl friend was probably not the best candidate for screenprinting, not to mention for my first ever ATTEMPT at screenprinting, but it turned out alright. I did this for a couple christmas presents, so it seemed as good an excuse as any to experiment..

The finest lines in the wing and smoke plumes got consumed in emulsion, but I was pretty pleased that the face came through solid.

Naturally, my excitement to screenprint on wood consumed any relevant wisdom I had on materials and techniques, so I absolutely forgot to prime or seal the bastard. Sooo WE'LL SEE. question mark.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Back after hiatus time~

This was my entry to Threadless' Loves Drawing contest, which ended about 3 weeks ago. This is my first submission to Threadless, so I'm still mega eagerly awaiting the contest results. 

Being up for voting on Threadless for the first time was like the feeling an internet-wary 12 year old must get when he takes hold the mouse for the first grand time and takes part in his first l33t-tastic power level argument in a Dragonball Z forum. Basically, I felt FEVERISH WITH POWER, and I am not even going to stop to think twice about how retarded that is. Fever is FEVER.

First off is the design, then next is it's t-shirt placement, and then last are a couple other t-shirt color options for different overall palates. (I probably should've gone with the Charcoal as my primary look..)

Also, feel free to check out Threadless *here* for the design and my statement on how I felt it related to the contest theme.

With some luck, I'll be able to keep the ball rolling and update every week or two with some new stuff, for at least the next few weeks. PEACE