Monday, October 10, 2011

Fluke Fuu

First comic uploaadd
Here's my story about a Fuu dog that was printed in the Fluke Anthology. It was inspired by my own experience of being a starry-eyed ball of lost foreigner at some point during my trip to Tokyo.


I'm heading up to New York Comic Con this Wednesday, and it'll be my first time ever in New York and my second time in a mega-city (first was Tokyo) (freaking out not gonna lie). So I will probably be feeling these same feelings again in a hot minute. ADVENTURE is pretty awesome so I'm down with getting lost at some point. I just need it to not become that night scene from Home Alone: Lost In New York. Because some part of my brain is still 12 years old and that is ALL IT KNOWS


I asked my friend, the rad Rashad Doucet, if I could try my hand at inking his super fun pencils. The Vegeta was more of a demand than a request. I was however reminded of my blindingly stellar knowledge of the Marvel universe when I sat down to ink Wolverine and was all WHERE'S CLAW THREE AND WHAT'S THAT THING STICKIN OUT THERE, RASHAD DID IT WRONG

Eff your nasty business, Dark Wolverine. Didn't get the memo about tribal tats, clearly

Rashad's pencils first, my inks second:


I love collab. It's like me and the other person are little Voltron art robots, joining with the power of VEGETA or tribal-tat Wolverine or whatever and making a bigger art robot.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

FIRST POSTTT, life is happening.

I don't think I've typed in an online journal-like device since the livejournal days of highschool. ohhh livejournal. I don't really know how to start a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST blog. I was anxious of this moment. But then I told myself, let's be real, I am lounging in this as I type:

I'm not too worried about it.
Check out my DeviantArt,, to see older stuff. I'll start off now with some recent things, but I'll mostly use this blog as extra motivation to churn out new stuff everyday.
I might also talk waay too much. Feel free to gloss it all over and go straight for the pictures. I won't hate.

So, anyone who knows me for 15 minutes knows that if I could replace my menial hostess job with the menial drawing of Pokemon for DOLLA on the fandom machine that is DeviantArt, I would basically have twice as regular nerdgasms and spend free time rolling around in the 5 dollar bills of nostalgic twenty-somethings.

But DeviantArt has informed me as of late that unless whatever you are posting is currently blowing up in the world of romantic/sexy/teen fan-fiction and fan-art, you are NOT ON TRACK for the dolla.
My recent attempt at digital painting featuring Artemis from Young Justice taught me this grim truth. Because unfortunately for my second (and better, IMO) experiment with digital colors, despite being equally green and surly, Venusaur is NOT a teenager. It does not have romantic/sexual tension with Kid Flash and a conventionally fabulous ass. So Venusaur may forever live in Artemis' bodacious teenage shadow.
It will never be D.A. Famous.
It's plight is tragic.
Its story of oppression lives on.

(PS -Thank you everyone that loves my Artemis! I'm not actually hatin'. The only reason I can tell woeful Venusaur stories of unpopularity is because I have the DA success of Artemis to measure it by. And I only poke fun at the fandom universe because I am more immersed in it than I am going to admit on this PROFESSIONAL ARTIST blog. *thumbs up*)